Global Health

The CU AMSA Global Health Committee meets Mondays 9:00PM-10:00PM in Hamilton 407 in Fall 2012.

The CU AMSA-Global Health committee aims to foster greater awareness and understanding of the important issues affecting healthcare around the world, and to offer students the opportunity to take action against them. We delve into everything from global pandemics, inadequate access of medical care due to poverty and conflict, environmental hazards, as well as global health policy and human rights. We hope to not only work towards improving international healthcare, but to inspire any students interested in the health field to become professionals who are passionate about healthcare worldwide.


Weekly Meetings/Discussions – Each meeting, one member volunteers brings in an article about a topic in global health of interest to them which we discuss as a committee. We also hold panels to help educate the Columbia community about the various issues we discuss. Last year, we hosted a panel on the distribution and production of pharmaceuticals in third world countries. Speakers included Dr. David Hoos, Dr. Joanne Csete, and Dr. Bhaven Sampat from the Mailman School of Public Health, and Dr. Robert MacArthur from Clinical Horizons Research.

Annual HIV/AIDS Dinner: Held every year late in the fall semester, CU Global Health throw its annual HIV/AIDS full-course meal/performance in honor of the fight against HIV/AIDS. Past keynote speakers have included Dr. Samuel Sia (Biomedical Engineering), Louise Kuhn (Mailman School of Public Health), and Dr. Wafaa El-Sadr (Mailman School of Public Health).

Topics in Global Health: Saturday classes at the Double Discovery Center: Every Saturday, two members of CU Global Health come up with a lesson plan on a global health or science topic of their choice to teach to middle school students who are part of Columbia’s Double Discovery Center’s Upward Bound and Talent Search programs. CU Global Health implemented this curriculum with DDC in 2010!

Spring Break Service Trip- Each year selected students are given the opportunity to travel abroad with CU Global Health to volunteer in medical clinics and gain valuable exposure to healthcare in the third world. Applications are open to the entire Columbia community. The application f0r the 2013 Spring Break service trip will be posted later in the Fall semester. Past Trips: Cuzco, Peru (2012), Antigua, Guatemala (2011), Panama (2010), The Dominican Republic (2009)

Contact Us With Any Questions at  

Co-Chairs: Farees Saqlain, CC 2015, ( and Faith Williams, CC 2015, (

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