Answer to Question #3

To answer your question:

“I took Orgo during my junior year as well. I began studying for the MCAT in January of my junior year when my Kaplan MCAT prep class began and I took the exam at the end of March in the same year. I thought that this was a good time frame because I had a few weeks to prep on my own and do additional practice tests after the Kaplan class was over and had ample time over spring break to convince myself that I was ready. Though I had not yet finished the last 2 months of orgo II, I didn’t feel like this impacted my performance on the exam. As always though, the longer you spend preparing, the better. Ultimately, plan to take the test whenever is best for you and your schedule. Give yourself plenty of time to prep and keep yourself on track with studying. Good luck!”
– Caitlin Rogers.

“My recommendation is to prep for the MCAT spring semester ofJunior year (once you’ve covered most of the Orgo subject matter), and take the MCAT 2-3 weeks after finals in late May. Prepare throughout the course of the semester, take 1-2 weeks off for finals, then make one last push once school’s out before acing the test before June begins!”
– John Morgan

I will add that the MCAT study timeline will vary from individual to individual. It will depend on factors such as the student’s activities (perhaps, studying during the winter may be difficult if you’re the captain of the ski team) or course-load. Plan accordingly, and give yourself enough time to build up your test-taking confidence :)

Good luck,
Jason Han

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