Answer to Question #2

After having spoken to several upperclassmen who have already taken the MCATs as well as some younger premeds who are currently studying for the test, it seems like Kaplan does a good job of preparing you.

Karishma Habbu –
“Being a premed in the process of studying for the MCAT, I would suggest buying the Kaplan books off of someone. Kaplan does a great job of condensing all the material you need to know for the MCAT into easy guides. It also has practice questions at the end of each chapter. The lesson book they provide should provide some insight into how Kaplan teaches strategy as well (which is in actuality the important thing to learn). Hope that helps!”

John Morgan –
“Glad to hear from you! I’m happy to help! I took a Kaplan course and didn’t use any other books. That said, I used Kaplan’s books frequently and found them very helpful. Buying a set of Kaplan’s book second-hand is something I definitely wouldn’t discourage someone from doing.”

Dongni Zhang –
“For the question: I haven’t personally taken the MCAT yet and am not in the process of preparing of it. However, a lot of my premed friends are taking a course with KAPLAN and have the books/online package with the kaplan company. If the student just wishes to study himself/herself by books, I have heard that there different companies helpful for different subjects.
Sciences: Kaplan, The Princeton Review Hyperlearning
Verbal: Examkrackers 101″

I would add that ExamKrackers also has a very good reputation for preparing you well without teaching you too many excessive details. Of course, if you want to try out either of these brands, I have copies of both and would be happy to lend them to you :)

Best of luck,
Jason Han

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