Answer to Question #1

Hey! I’m glad that you think this is helpful. We’re happy to answer any questions that you may have :)

We have all suffered through MCAT preparation, so we have plenty to say.

Many of the upperclassmen found ExamKrackers and Kaplan to be the most helpful brands in studying for the MCATs. They’re relatively concise and their coverage of materials that are likely to show up on the exam is accurate.

However, what you might to surprised to hear is that about half of the upperclassmen don’t find these paid courses particularly helpful! Some of us took them solely for the purpose of keeping us motivated to study in the months leading up to the exam date. So, you may want to decide whether you want to spend $2,000 on taking courses that you can learn from reading books yourself.

In terms of study duration, try to study for at least a month! But also, don’t overkill it and study for more than 6 months. Your productivity curve will plateau after that.

And if I could add one more helpful advice, take the practice exams!!! You need to build enough endurance for a 4-hour test, and unfortunately, that means that you need to practice studying/test-taking in 4-hour sessions. I mean, wouldn’t you prepare for the marathon by running long-distance?

1.) Take the practice exam – figure out which areas you don’t know as well and review them in depth.
2.) If you are a right-handed person, practice using the mouse with your left hand so that you can take notes with your right hand while you navigate the page with your left!

Good luck!
AMSA Mentorship Team

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