Join National AMSA

CU AMSA is the Columbia University Pre-Medical Chapter of the National American Medical Students Association. You do not have to be a member of the National AMSA to be a part of CU AMSA, but we strongly recommend that you consider it. It confers great benefits for the medical school applications process, gives you access to many regional conferences that happen each year, and gives you eligibility for prizes such as gift cards and free MCAT preparation courses!

Becoming a member of Columbia University AMSA, Premed can open up many great opportunities. First of all, being a part of our organization will allow one to participate in exclusive events held throughout the year, such as medical school tours. One can also actively participate in the shaping and growth of Columbia’s chapter by being able to offer suggestions in our online ‘Suggestion Box’, becoming a committee member, or running for a board position. Aside from these, one gets the added benefits of the magazine The New Physician, 5% off of all purchases at Barnes&, and access to AMSA national websites providing information on medical schools and the application process straight from successful medical students.

If interested in becoming a member of Columbia University AMSA, Premed please send an e-mail to any of our executive officers.

To become a member one must pay a national due and a small local due, the officers will give further instructions on how these payments are to be made once contacted. We look forward to hearing from you!

Here is a list of some of the many benefits members of national AMSA enjoy:


Books, Publications & Equipment



Other Benefits From AMSA

Get more information on benefits here

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