Wednesday, 11/14, 8PM-9PM: CU AMSA Crash Course & Study Break-“The Pre-Med Directory of Classes!”

CU AMSA invites you to our second Crash Course and Study Break of the year, just in time for Spring 2013 Registration!

Check out our Facebook event, and invite your friends!

Wednesday, November 13
Hamilton 703

**PUMPKIN PIE AND APPLE CIDER INCLUDED FOR YOUR ENJOYMENT AND STRESS RELIEF!**Come talk to CU AMSA juniors and seniors about the variety of classes in the CU Pre-Medical Curriculum Universe and what they’re really like in real life!

We’ll tackle common classes both within and outside the pre-med curriculum, from Organic Chemistry Lab to Genetics, Physics II to Neurobiology. We want YOU to have the knowledge you need to have interesting, engaging, and fun class experiences along your pre-health journey!

We’ll answer these questions (and more) over pumpkin pie:

-When during my 8 semesters should I take this class?
-Does the professor use PowerPoints or the board during their lectures?
-How useful are the course textbooks?
-What are the best study habits for this class?
-What prior knowledge is helpful for this class?
-What is the relationship between the first professors’ teaching style (i.e. Chasin) and the second professors’ (Mowshowitz)?
-Does the class focus more on problem-solving, information absorption, or experiment design?
-What are the assignments for this class, and how long, on average, do they take?
-Compared to other pre-med classes, how difficult is this class on average?
-I feel more confident about (Chemistry/Bio/Physics) than I do about (Chemistry/Bio/Physics). How will I fit into this class?

See you on Tuesday! *FREE PUMPKIN PIE & APPLE CIDER!*

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